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Website Design Pricing Plans



* -Requires 12 month contract
** – Responsive Website: Using the latest HTML5 coding, our sites automatically size themselves to the device that the user is on; whether it be a phone, computer, tablet, etc.

– Prices include design with royalty free photos and art provided.
– You provide approved Copy (wording) in a word document, Logos as high res JPGs and/or EPS or PNG files, and any photos as high res JPGs.
– Copy writing and custom or stock photos are additional (Copy writing approx. $100 a page and additional royalty free photos and art approx. $20 – $100 each. Custom photography $1,000 – $2,000 per day).
– Requires Single Contact from your company or organization responsible for contract, direction and approvals.
Additional charges may be applied based on the needs of your website.


Social Media Pricing Plans


* – Requires 6 month contract. (Single invoice with partial payments of $500 due 1st of ea. month)
– We can also implement advertising into our Social Media Plans at extra cost.


Question ?

What’s the difference between “Choosing my Own Theme” and “Custom Website Design?”

“Choose My Own Theme” Choose from a list of pre-created websites that are specific to your business. Themes are cost effective and your site may look similar to someone else’s. However, with your branding, photos, wording, and more, it will have unique appeal. “Custom Website Design” With custom website design, you receive an original design with advanced functionalities, employee only sections, you own the rights to all the website content and code (including the design) and everything is created and tailored to your company.

Can I change plans at any time?

Yes, we will let you change plans if we know a month in advance. However, if you choose to change plans you may lose the features of certain plans (if you down-grade your plan). However, if you decide you need more features – you can upgrade your plan just the same.


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